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CoreCare. That’s who.

The CoreCare Vision

CoreCare is dedicated to improving the financial health of those who improve our health today and forever.


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Delivering the best care possible requires a strong financial position. But, in the healthcare world—where margins are tight and belt buckles tighter—that can feel impossible.

What do you say we change that?

When healthcare finances aren’t drivers of what’s possible, we all benefit. CoreCare is here to support healthcare providers. We share a dedication to financial health that’s just as strong as the health you want for all patients.

Together, let’s change reimbursement for the better.

CoreCare Team

Dennis Antonelos

Co-founder & CEO

Mehrdad Shafaie


Geoffrey Roguelon


Brian Kilgore

Director of Operations

Ramon de Jonge

Lead Front End Engineer

Jorge Daniel Sampayo Vargas

Lead Back End Engineer

Kamy Shafaie

Operations Analyst

Our Advisors

Gary Jessee

Former Deputy Executive Commissioner, Texas HHS

CoreCare is hiring!

  • If you believe in the good that healthcare facilities do each and every day...
  • If you believe antiquated processes should be vanquished to history...
  • If you believe technology advances should be for good...
  • If you believe the customer deserves our best, always...
  • If you believe in teamwork...
  • Sound strategy leading brilliant execution…
  • And, long-term, perpetual learning... We should talk.

At CoreCare, we’re working to save healthcare facilities from financial doom. Because with excellent care should come fast, equitable reimbursement.

It’s a tall order. We could use your help.

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