Medicaid pending & renewals

Work and track cases in one dashboard with increased collaboration and visibility, boosting cash flow and reducing write-offs through faster approvals and by avoiding lapsed benefits.

Resident forms

Stay on top of required Resident forms with ease, ensuring compliance and timely filing to drive cash flow and eliminate delays in payment.

Clean billing

Automatically identify errors, missing info and changes in resident benefits and eligibility, enabling teams to be proactive, bill faster and maximize cash flow.

CoreCare delivers a big ROI making your team more productive and improving your cash flow.

Shorten time on Medicaid pending by up to 50%

Demonstrable before-and-after improvement of average number of days on Medicaid pending, accelerating cash flow.

Eliminate up to 99% of missed renewals and missed forms

Every missed renewal is a new Medicaid pending case, and every missed form means a delay in collections or worse. CoreCare ensures nothing is missed, keeping you in compliance, your residents billable and your cash flow healthy.

Instant alerts on new approvals for 10x faster billing

Nursing home staff takes 14-28 days on average to identify a new Medicaid approval manually  - CoreCare alerts your team instantly when Medicaid is approved, allowing you to bill immediately and collect faster.

Unprecedented visibility & tracking

Ability to view and track mission-critical workflows like never before, enabling managers and executives to easily understand the big picture, be proactive instead of reactive and get in front of any potential risks before they can impact cash flow.

Save 1,000s of hours per year

Having data in one, single location saves your team from having to juggle multiple portals and spreadsheets, and allows for powerful automations like in-platform document capture, information collection, document transmission, benefits and eligibility monitoring, and more!

CoreCare integrates instantly and securely with your existing EHR/EMRs and State Medicaid systems.

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Trusted by top long-term care teams across the country.

Over 600 nursing homes in 10 states use CoreCare to say goodbye to spreadsheets and streamline their operations - saving time, boosting cash flow and driving healthy financial performance.

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