Amazing billing teams trust CoreCare.

Before you reconcile yet another this.

Reimbursements should be your right, not your fight.

CoreCare converges your EMR, clearinghouse, and payer portals, then embeds automation and best practices so you get paid faster.

Eradicate Complexity

Long term care is complex enough without having to account for all those systems and manual processes.

CoreCare converges everything, simplifying reimbursement and accelerating cash flow.

Empower AR

Revenue cycle tech investments are meant to drive productivity. So why do yours seem to hamper it?

Give your technology a boost with CoreCare. You'll empower your entire AR team to get more done, faster.

Improve Cash Flow

You deliver skilled care. But skill shouldn't determine if or when you get paid for it.

Enter CoreCare, the Accelerated Revenue solution. CoreCare smooths billing so you get paid faster.

Reimbursement is complex.

Make it simpler, with CoreCare.

CoreCare speeds reimbursement in four simple steps.






Get started. Get paid. It's that easy.

Your focus should be on getting paid, not time-consuming technicalities. That's why full system set-up is included with CoreCare. We take care of the technical stuff, so you can take care of business. CoreCare integrates with hundreds of systems, including PointClickCare, MatrixCare, Netsmart, and more!

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Cash flow

Measurable cash flow improvements. That’s CoreCare.

Answer four quick questions and see how CoreCare could impact your healthcare financial operations.

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Billers, Managers, Executives and Owners agree: CoreCare rocks.

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