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CoreCare combines automation and embedded best practices to empower your billers, improving your cash flow.

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“CoreCare has made matching and verifying benefits for our residents so much easier. We now have a site that compares all websites, portals and systems so we make sure we are billing correct data and getting paid properly the first time through. Working with CoreCare has been a great addition to our AR system and has helped to increase our cash flow drastically.”

Shelly McBride
VP of Accounts Receivable

“In only a matter of months working with CoreCare, we’ve seen a notable impact on our financial position. It has truly exceeded our expectations. CoreCare has changed the way we work with Managed Care, from top to bottom.”

Gary Blake
President & CEO

“When I was introduced to CoreCare and the functionalities they are creating for our industry, I thought ‘finally someone made my dream come true’ & ‘this is a million-dollar invention’. I thank you guys for getting a great team together and sharing this product with us. Amazing!!!!!”

Jeannie Carlson
VP of Revenue Reimbursement

Solution benefits

Improved financial results, reduced administrative burden and more time with patients.

Automated Data Monitoring

Automatically identify errors in patient data across multiple systems, eliminating the need to hire additional personnel to perform manual checks.

Single Access Platform

Access and compare all of your patient data from all systems in one centralized location, saving you time, clicks and endless open browser tabs.

Increased and Accelerated Claim Payments

Synchronize billing and clinical departments to Increase first time claim acceptance and claim payment accuracy, without having to change to your existing systems or revenue cycle process.

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