No matter your role, CoreCare makes you more productive.

The Healthcare Revenue Cycle is not for the faint of heart.

The Healthcare Revenue Cycle is painfully complex. There’s no system interoperability, rules / contracts are constantly changing and with the stroke of a pen CMS can force a whole provider category into a new reimbursement method. Like we said, this is not for the faint of heart.

VP of Revenue
VP of Revenue

CoreCare for the CXO

Difficulty collecting cash, staff burnout, Managed Care Expansion. What worked before won’t work in today’s post acute & long-term care industry.

Meet CoreCare, the platform that uses AI+RPA to automate your revenue cycle, help your revenue team collect more cash and give you a 360° view of your revenue operations.

  • 2x your current billing team’s performance with smart automation, AI and ML
  • Reduce staff burnout by automating your team’s most cumbersome manual work
  • Improve first time claim adjudication rates to ensure you collect what you’re owed
  • Get a 360° view of your revenue operations with our Executive Dashboard
CXO illustration

CoreCare for the VP of AR/Revenue

The Revenue Cycle has never been easy. With Managed Care continuing to grow, it’s only going to become more difficult. More manual work, more denials and more burnout. What worked before won’t work in today.

Fight back, with CoreCare. Our Single Access Portal and Revenue Cycle Automation tools, powered by our proprietary AI & RPA, will help each of your team members get more done in less time. Improve collections and team morale with CoreCare!

  • Make your team more productive with workflow automation tools that eliminate manual and repetitive work
  • Empower your team to focus where it matters most using CoreCare’s Smart Alerts
  • Increase cash collections by enabling your team to focus on the strategic work that brings more money in the door.
  • Track the KPIs that matter most—granularly—with a highly configurable dashboard that gives you 360° visibility into your team's performance.
manager illustration background

CoreCare for the Manager

As a Billing manager, you know performance can be a fine line. One month, your team is flying high. The next, they stumble thanks to things completely out of their control.

Take back control and improve results with your current team, using CoreCare

  • Help billers dramatically reduce errors thanks to CoreCare Smart Alerts, which alert billers to potential discrepancies before they cause problems.
  • Automate the repetitive, manual work that bogs down billers and hinder even the best performers from getting more done. 
  • Keep track of everything all in one place thanks to configurable dashboards that give you 360° visibility into your team's performance.

CoreCare for the Biller

It's just so frustrating: all that time wasted just searching for the right data. Going in and out of all those different systems takes a toll on your performance and your mindset.

CoreCare automates the busy work that slows you down, so you can focus on the knowledge work that brings more money in the door.

  • All your patient data in one place. No more searching between systems and portals.
  • No more repetitive, mind-numbing busy work. Focus on the work that brings money in.
  • Smart alerts tell you exactly where your attention is needed. No more surprise issues.
  • Get recognized by getting more work done and bringing more money in the door.
biller illustration background

Enough with the words.

See CoreCare in action.

Words and pictures only show so much. See first hand how CoreCare empowers your billers and positively impacts your post acute and long term care facility.