No matter your role, CoreCare makes you more effective.

Post acute care is not for the faint of heart.

Dealing with cumbersome reimbursement processes that are often slow and painful, not to mention the effects of lack of data interoperability and even politics, every role has unique challenges.

VP of Revenue
VP of Revenue

CoreCare for the CXO

If you’ve been in post-acute or long-term care for even a short time, you know. The system is broken. With margins so tight, something has to give.

Meet CoreCare. CoreCare simplifies reimbursement so you can run a more profitable business:

  • Capture more revenue with analysis and guidance that improves biller performance
  • Accelerate cash flow by eliminating fixable errors that otherwise go unchecked
  • Reduce operational costs by giving your people the ability to do more in less time
  • Get instant visibility into your overall reimbursement efforts with a comprehensive executive dashboard
CXO illustration

CoreCare for the VP of AR/Revenue

When it comes to post acute and long term care, has Accounts Receivables ever been simple? With all the rules and regulations—not to mention the antiquated systems and manual tasks—is it really surprising things take so long?

Kiss those days goodbye with CoreCare.

  • Improve cash flow with automatic audits that find errors before they become revenue-sucking problems
  • Capture more revenue with powerful software that empowers your entire reimbursement staff to get more done in less time
  • Make your people more impactful with automation that reduces boring, manual tasks and allows for more strategic work
  • Track the KPIs that matter most—granularly—with a highly configurable dashboard that always keeps you in-the-know
manager illustration background

CoreCare for the Manager

As a Billing manager, you know it all too well. Performance can be a fine line. One month, billers are flying high. The next, they stumble thanks to reimbursement's complexities.

Gain more performance certainty with CoreCare:

  • Eliminate missing or lost claims by providing billers instant visibility to all data from across systems
  • Help billers dramatically reduce errors thanks to CoreCare Smart Alerts which alert billers to potential discrepancies and how to fix them
  • Automate the repetitive, manual tasks that bog down billers and hinder even the best performers
  • Keep track of everything all in one place thanks to configurable dashboards that give you instant visibility

CoreCare for the Biller

It's just so frustrating: all that time wasted just searching for the right data. Going in and out of all those different systems takes a toll on your performance and your mindset.

CoreCare makes your life as a biller easier:

  • Get your real work done on-time as CoreCare takes on all those manual, repetitive, mind-numbing tasks
  • Eliminate the swivel effect of going from one system to another to another
  • Stay on top of errors automatically and get to focus on more strategic work
  • Get recognized for consistently beating your numbers
biller illustration background

Enough with the words.

See CoreCare in action.

Words and pictures only show so much. See first hand how CoreCare empowers your billers and positively impacts your post acute and long term care facility.